Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Results of Team Theme Challenge: YOU'RE A STAR

The star this week was definitely Tangentine's copper cuff. The elegant star constellation led the way for most votes. Moonandlion's Star of the Parade tagged behind in second place.

Who will be the star next week? What will the Etsy Expats come up with next? Stay tuned for the results of next week's challenge "WE COULD ALL USE SOME!".


  1. Congratulations Tangentine! You obviously put a lot of thought into your bracelet. Lovely.

    Thank you too anakit for all the work you put in on the treasury especially with your packing, etc. getting ready for your move.

  2. That's great. I'm delighted you guys liked my piece.

    Thanks for putting it all together Anakit.

  3. What a beautiful piece! Just amazing. I'm so happy to be second to such a lovely winner. Thank you Anakit for the hard work, and all the expats who voted :)

  4. Very Lovely and so creative!