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anakit “Born and raised on the sunny side of the Alps in Slovenia, I now live and work in Belgium. Though I love my day job as an interpreter, it is the type of work that leaves nothing behind. A lover of jewelry I have built a nice vintage collection. When one of my favourite ones broke I decided to fix it myself. Then I discovered I can make my own jewelry. Soon I had too much for myself and my friends. I looked and found Etsy.”


artophile "I studied Tapestry and Stained Glass at the Edinburgh College of Art and then left for a summer trip round Europe that ended up lasting 5 years. Most of that time was spent in Spain where I learned enough about sailing to land a 6 month job in the US as a cook on a private yacht. That 6 months lasted a year (are you beginning to notice a theme here?) and ended with me meeting and marrying my husband and becoming a land-lubber! We moved from Florida when our youngest was born and moved to the mountains of West Virginia. I have a stained glass studio in my basement, home-school my daughters and at times, yearn for Scotland. I started my Etsy shop in March 2010 and am thrilled to be a part of EtsyExpats, where I know my occasional feelings of alienation will be completely understood!"




Blissgraphics “I'm a Texan living in Spain with my hubby and two doggies. We moved here about 8 years ago when my husband got a job with a symphony orchestra. I am also a classical musician (I play the oboe) but my Etsy shop is my passion! I do graphic design including banners, logos, business cards, brochures, etc.”









DearOhDeer "I grew up on a dairy farm in New Zealand. It was pretty great, I had a pony and chickens and lots of trees to climb. But there is only so much ponies and trees to climb can entertain a young person, so after 21 years I moved to London, thinking the streets were paved with gold and wonderous things awaited me here. Unlike most Kiwis I chose to live amongst the 'Poms' and get well involved, I now drop my T's when I am talking. I've been here 6 years and London is my home, but New Zealand is my home too, its hard. I've always been creative and tend to find a way to make something from any bits and bobs I can find. After making a pile of ponies out of socks one day to add to my stack of paintings in the corner, a friend suggested I open an Etsy store to sell my odd arts and crafts to appreciative people, and Dear oh Deer was born! The things I make seem to go through phases, I started with sock ponies and paintings, and have moved on to make feathered accessories and jewellery. In the future I will be adding more Photography prints to my store, as Photography is my first true love. I love being an expat, bringing something a bit different to my group of English friends, being the token person who talks funny. I love the idea of a team of us all far from home making things and having a kind of support network for homesickness!"



EmilyAliceBall "I'm a Brit who now lives in Seoul, South Korea. I did an exchange here while studying Metalcraft and Jewellery design and I ended up coming back here to live and teach :) I have been here for over 3 years now and it doesn't look like I'm leaving anytime soon! I'm a silversmith at heart and love, love, love playing with metal, I make jewellery to sell on Etsy, please check out my shop and see what you think."





Fairyspit "I am an American expat living in New Zealand and find that the beauty of my surroundings has only made my work better. I am a doll and fiber artist, specializing in needle felted fantasy creatures."

Fibrous "I'm in Edinburgh right now, from California originally. I've been in the UK for over 3 years now, and I'm slowly forgetting what things are called in the US :) I sell cute magnets, toys, and jewelry. All made of wool."


FlowersForRealJewelr "I'm a 64 year old,ICU nurse, now living in Oregon with a husband and 21 year old kid (not quite ready to grow up). I lived in (1)Germany, as a translator in 1965;(2) Mexico, in 1969 to start a medical clinic in a poor border village; (3)Peru, with my first husband who was Peruvian, (4)Greece,('80) as a nurse and substitute school teacher; and(5) Saudi from 82 to 85 as an inservice instructor and critical care nurse. My favorite craft is pressed flowers in resin jewelry; also Lacypants, custom panties for all sizes. Also scuba diving and knitting. I miss, here in Oregon, talking to people who know there's more to the world than the west coast of the USA. I'm looking forward to being active in this team."




handmadeinisrael "I am originally from England but have been living in Israel for quite a number of years now. I'm married to a fellow Brit - though we met over here in Israel - and I am Mum to two very active, fun-loving boys. For as long as I can remember I have been busy with my hands, crafting and making things. As a youngster I knew that I wanted to be an artist for a career. There was never a question in my mind of anything else. I have a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from Liverpool John Moores University and before kids came along I worked as a graphic designer and art director and often made cards to send to family and friends. When my last 'office job' came to an end in 1998 my husband looked at some of my cards and suggested that other people might buy them. I approached a local store who immediately took them on. From that day on my days have been spent cutting and sticking!"


JustOneLook "I was born and raised in the SW of England where I lived until I met my husband, many moons ago while travelling around Greece and Turkey. I came to the States for a visit (he's American), we got married and two grown children later we are still living in the U. S. of A. in South Florida. 
I started sewing during my teen years, making myself 'unique' clothing. Although I have continued sewing over the years, its only recently I have started selling my clothing items. Having a daughter to sew for was a wonderful outlet for my sewing passion; now getting involved on etsy is helping me to get back to where it all started... making clothing, crafts, whatever I choose.  Being part of etsyexpats feels exciting and I'm looking forward to sharing so many wonderful tales and experiences with you all."


KarensLoom "Born and bred on the NE coast of England in Yorkshire, I lived in London for about four years before meeting my husband, an Argentine lawyer and coming to Buenos Aires to live where I have lived for many years now. I am an English teacher but my hobby which is wool and knitting and weaving gradually took over my life and two years ago I decided to give up the classroom and dedicate my time to ever growing knitting and weaving business. I participate each year in craft fairs at different embassies, schools and clubs and in one I met an Argentine girl who told me about Etsy... and here I am."






LKAdesign "My name's Lorna, I'm originally from near Edinburgh and I've been living in Greece for a year. My husband-to-be is Greek so we may be here for a while! I'm teaching English during the day and becoming obsessed with Etsy, but still trying to get my shop to take off. I sell modern mosaics and other home decor with a twist."









moonandlion "I'm from Argentina but have been living in Spain for many years. I'm a singer and fiction writer, and have been making collage all my life, also involved in mail art for quite a few years. I collect vintage objects and ephemera, and would now love to share some of my findings and art with you here on Etsy. The community of artists/handcrafters is what I cherish more of any of these projects. It's the people you meet in the way, in the end, what makes it all worthwhile."




nicolehill "I'm a British jewellery artist and writer (unpublished, but if you happen to know an agent, I'm looking...) currently living on the south coast of France. I moved here because of my partner's job. I'm soon to go back to the UK for a bit for work, but intend to commute between the two countries. Part-time expat? I can live with that... I'm also responsible for the blog here for the team, so do get in touch if you'd like to contribute articles - we're always looking!"





realfaery “I am from Hungary and in the last 15 years I lived in many countries as a social worker: in India, the Philippines, New Zealand and England. I have recently returned to Hungary after my two months campervan tour of Europe and have started to think where to go next year, after the Xmas Etsy rush. I have a Nomad Felt Shop making accessories, cloths and pictures. I ran the shop even when I volunteered in India last winter and when I was travelling in my campervan.”








svitrolica "I was born in Alaska, and raised in Texas. I have also lived in Switzerland, The Netherlands and India. I have a passion for languages and different cultures, and have travelled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Since 2002, I have been living a frightening quiet life in the Ardèche region of southernish France."


Tangentine "I am a South African living in Germany with my dear hubby. We suffer from a severe case of wanderlust and this is the fourth country we’ve lived in. We’ve also lived in London in the United Kingdom and Dublin, Ireland. We also like to travel a lot. Preferably to places with high biodiversity and low population density. I like to think I have a sense of adventure but it always fails me when I have to try new food. I'm a cuisine coward. My interest in the world around me finds an outlet in making jewellery. I have to create. Otherwise I get grumpy."

thehopetree “Life in South Africa was going along, I was an artist and selling to galleries when a French man on a not so white horse picked me up and dragged me off to France. I have lived on the French Riviera, England and now settled in my husbands home town of Strasbourg. This is not typical France but a mix of Germany too. I am a mother to a beautiful solid little 2yr old chap who mixes French and English in all his words. Etsy is my saving grace here in this new culture as it is helping me slowly adjust to this new world in which I feel so so foreign. Finding vintage treasures for my Etsy shop helps me breathe!”





underanewlight"I am from Peru and currently living in Canada with my husband and one-year-old baby girl. A few years ago, I moved to China to study and, this is where I met my husband. We love culture and languages, that’s why we went so far to meet up. I’ve immigrated to Canada since then. Right now, I feel that I don’t belong to any country and I’m always thinking about where will be our next stop.

On a more personal note, I love jokes and enjoy very much laughing... I love people with a smile in their face. I can be sitting and listening and laughing at the same time!! I’m a multitasker :) I don’t like very much to cook (and my husband complains about it:), but when I’m in the right mood, I can cook something delicious. I love music and dance because they make me feel free. My academic background is in sciences, but I love to create. It makes me feel like I’m developing the other part of me that I had been hiding for a long time. :D"

uniquenique "I am originally from South Africa, moved to the US in 2001 just after September 11th started in Tucson Arizona and have now been in Tampa Florida for the last year. I have started my shop with my jewelry but I also make fabric handbags, stained glass pieces and fused glass small plates, candle holders etc. I also do mosaic work with stained glass."




waterlilyjewels "I was born in Nottingham, England, but was raised in the U.S. from the time I was a small baby. I lived in Ohio for most of my life (barring a one-year stay in Miami), until I met my boyfriend on, of all places, an NHL hockey website. 4 years after we first met, I moved here to Germany to be with him, in October of 2009. I am still getting accustomed to living here... the language is by far the most difficult thing! For anyone who is thinking of moving to another country where they speak a language you do not, I strongly recommend taking language courses before you move!"





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  1. Hi, I'm a new Etsy expat. I am Sheila Robinson, an English artist currently living in the south of Sweden. I started my Etsy shop Eleuthera last month, when I realised we would be here for a few more years. I didn't think I stood a chance of selling work, I have only sold on commissions and exhibitions before, but amazingly I sold one!Would be pleased to hear from you, this is a beautiful place but I get really homesick....if you want to see more of my work I have a website