Tuesday, 3 April 2012

In my garden

Etsy expats are back with a challenge. For the month of March we celebrated the return of spring in the Northern Hemisphere (us Southern Hemispherer's were just happy to pretend spring was on the way). And we submitted our favourite garden-related items. The challenge was: In my garden.

I'm happy to announce that the winner for this challenge was Monique from UniqueNique with her gorgeous dragonfly.

Dragonfly - from Unique Nique

Then Elena from Peony Forest and Jacqueline from Jacqueline Fouche Design Studio both get an honourable mention for their entries.
Copper flowers
Coco the Lop-eared Bunny

Have a look at all the gorgeous entries the Expats submitted for this challenge.

And a special thank you to Linda from Sew Fine Fashions and Just One Look for pulling it all together. Don't think that we'd miss thanking you for your hard work!

Post by: Jacqueline


  1. Thank you all so much - I do so love dragonflies and butterflies so I always seem to be making them ;~D. All 16 entries were wonderful and I enjoyed them all. Thank you Linda for all the hard work that goes into organising these challenges we really appreciate it.

  2. thats a lovely post Tange (you will always be that to me). Monique deserved to win.

  3. http://www.etsy.com/shop/SewFineFashions?ref=si_shop3 April 2012 at 23:11

    Congratulations Monique. Your dragonfly's a beauty!
    Well done too Jacqueline and Elena.. you weren't far behind.
    Thank you for doing this post Jacq (you will always be Tange to me too) I appreciate your thanks ... I enjoyed doing it.

  4. Congrats to Monique (and Elena, Jacqueline & Linda, too). What a great way to welcome spring :)

  5. A big thank you to all of you Etsy Expats for sticking together, once again!

  6. Shirl/artophile4 April 2012 at 07:35

    Grats Monique! Good job all round:D

  7. Congratulations Monique. Love dragonflies and butterflies, they're so colorful.

  8. What a great dragonfly Nique! Well done. Some other great items in that treasury too.

  9. Lovely Nique : ) Makes me think of summer even with all the snow on the ground....