Wednesday, 2 December 2015

An Inspiring Story

This week I saw a name I recognized in the Etsy 'Quit Your Day Job' section... one of our Expat Team members, Christine Crowder. 
Stunning French Antique Translucent Glass Ceiling Light Opal White

Christine runs two French Vintage Etsy shops, Maintenant and Rue Vert de Gris.
Antique French Marble and Bronze Colored Clock Napolean III French Ormolu Mantle Clock.
Vintage Clock for sale in Maintenant

I have always admired Christine's lovely vintage items so I was interested to read her story.  
Thank you Christine for opening up about yourself and sharing your very private story... a truly inspiring one. 
 Read it here.    

posted by Linda of JustOneLook for the Etsy Expat Team