Saturday, 1 March 2014

Member of the Month for February.

Stained Glass Orange Flower Panel

After a bit of a break for the Holidays we are back with our team member of the month.

Once again the names were all put into one of Monique's lovely glass bowls and her helper shuffled them well before picking out a name.

Yea! It's Shirl of artophile.

We are all happy to get a chance to poke through her shop and view all her lovelies.   Like this
beautiful stained glass flower panel.

 Shirl is so talented.  She paints, carves and engraves, makes stained glass and that's just what we see in her shop.
Originally from Scotland, true to her roots, one of her favourite themes is her celtic knot in many different forms.

Celtic Knot Ostrich Egg
Celtic Knot Ostrich Egg.

The intricacy of her carved ostrich eggs is amazing.  She says this one took hours.  Isn't it incredible!

Painted Celtic Knot in Purple and Turquoise
Painted Celtic knot

This is just a small sampling of Shirl's talent.  Please check out her shop and be sure to look through all sections. 

Stained Glass Tree Panel

This stained glass tree panel is beautiful.  Look at the detail. 


 Unfortunately February is a short month and 28 days went by fast.  

I asked Shirl if there was something she wanted to add like a recipe or something about her shop or creating process.  

She has a few words for us:

"Being picked for Member of the Month has been a huge thrill and I'd like to thank all the team members who made treasuries, favorited my stuff and generously showered my shop with attention. Sometimes it was quite overwhelming!

Living in the mountains of West Virginia can be a bit isolating, especially in winter, so all the love really warmed me up!

I tried to come up with a recipe to share but when I was thinking of my favorite foods, all I could think about was McVitie's Chocolate Digestive Biscuits, so here's my "recipe" for them.

Get in the car and drive through the mountains for one and a half hours until you reach Blacksburg, the town where Virginia Tech is.
Go to the Kroger store and find the International section. Calmly stride up to the shelves of British food and swipe as many packets of choccie biccies as you can fit into the buggy without causing a riot, pay for them and then drive back up the mountain road to home.
Make a cuppa strong English Breakfast tea, carefully open a packet of biccies and enjoy! 

Thanks again my lovelies, this month has been a blast!"

That sounds like a very involved recipe ...definitely time consuming and delicious:)  

Thank you too Shirl.. you keep us laughing. 

Posted by Linda of JustOneLook for Etsy Expats.


  1. Shirl/artophile2 March 2014 at 19:36

    Thanks Lin. i really appreciate all you do! :D

  2. Awesome, talented and a comedian too - hope you enjoyed the month Shirl I wish it had been longer there are so many beauties in your shop so much talent to share 28 days just was not long enough.