Monday, 1 September 2014

Member of the Month for August

Julie is our member of the month for August.

She has two Etsy shops:
AuntAmnesia and Dorsbien where you can find all kinds of lovely French vintage items for sale.
Some are as is and others have been updated with a dip in the dye vat.  All are exquisite.
The grain sacks are particularly enticing with their truly antique and authentic look like this one below.

Moulin, French Vintage grain sack,  burlap sack.
Grain sack

This wonderful lace curtain can be found in Julie's Aunt Amnesia shop along with revamped and updated lingerie and shirts.
Bird cage, french country fabric, used lace fabric, drape panel.

Teal antique linen shirt, French home made linen, distressed dye linen shirt. XXL
Antique Teal Linen Shirt

Vintage clothing and antiques of all kinds can be found in both shops.
Mini copper and iron cauldron, witches cauldron, handmade vintage French home decor.   Mini copper cauldron

Enamel tea kettle, decoupage picture, ducks french vintage teapot, blue rustic primitive teapot.  Enamel tea kettle

Julie is very versatile and has many interesting projects going on.
You can follow Julie and her interesting 'how to' illustrations on her blog.

Julie also sells her fabulous wares at this site too:

Click on to go browsing and buy a unique treasure.  Have fun shopping:)

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  1. Awesome congratulations Julie always nice to learn more about our members.