Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Third Featured Seller is from Japan : AKandKO and Japonpon

Our featured Expat living in Japan is Andrea.
A painter with a strong interest in textile collage and design is how she describes herself.
Find out more about Andrea and her artwork on her Etsy About pages for both of her shops here and this one here.

She has two very interesting Etsy shops:
AKandKO where she sells her paintings and drawings like this pen and ink one:

Miniature pen and ink drawing: footprints in the snow
Footprints in the snow

and more recently her knitting like this cheery beanie:

flame red beanie mohair and merino one only  size M-L
Flame red mohair beanie


pink block printed linen cushion pillow
Pink block printed linen pillow

In her other shop, Japonpon, Andrea offers handmade pillows and embroidery as well as original, uniquely designed fabrics.

    Russian fish print pillow cushion cover Japanese linen blend 18 inch lined  linen fall leaf print cushion pillow cover 18 inches

Fish print pillow and leaf print pillow are two such examples.

Visit Andrea's shops and see what else she has to offer.

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Posted by Linda of Just One Look for EtsyExpats.

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  1. Hello Andrea. I love your textile designs. How is life in Japan? My daughter is crazy about anything to do with Japan (especially Manga!!) and would love to go for a visit but I'm not keen on flying that distance so she'll have to wait until she finds somebody else to go with.
    Congratulations on the feature.