Monday, 1 July 2013

June Team Challenge: Through Thick and Thin

Our team challenge for June has been put together into a lovely treasury  for you all to go and view.

Please comment, and vote for your favourite item.  Voting stays open for 48 hours.

Check back on Wednesday to see who our winner is this time!

Take a look here and go vote.  All are welcome to vote... one vote per person.  Enjoy :)

................and we have another tie !

............. between ChicChixnChampagne's pretty crocheted poncho  shown here

Crochet Poncho , 'Tween Fashion / PomPom Trim / Handmade Capelet - Red, Pink - OOAK

Well done!

A great turnout team!  Thanks for coming by and commenting and voting.

Don't forget to swing by to support our next team challenge at the beginning of August.

Posted by Linda of JustOneLook for EtsyExpats

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for voting for me team.
    Congrats to you too ChicChix :)
    It's always a fun treasury.