Friday, 28 January 2011

Treasury game - Memories

We finished our first Etsy Expat Treasury game yesterday.

Linda, whom we all know in her two guises, JustOneLook and SewFineFashions, came up with the idea. The theme was 'Memories'.

After much contemplation and gnashing of teeth, Linda, finally made her decision on the winner. *Drum roll*

Jo, from Russel Jewelry Designs won with this treasury:

Jo took up the torch in selecting the theme for this coming week - open until Friday 5th of February 2011.

Note: Because we're all in different time zones - we won't be too hard and fast on the closing time - but Jo will post in the thread we've opened for it to remind you when she's choosing.

This week's theme: 
It is a music title theme. Choose a music title you like or means something to you.

Here is a list of great titles to get you started.
Please post your treasury links in this forum thread.

Congrats again Jo! Well done on an excellent idea Linda.

Post by: Jacqueline Fouche (Tangentine)


  1. Wonderful congrats Jo - looking forward to more great treasuries this week

  2. January 2011 at 19:56

    Yes, a very hard choice indeed!
    I was thrilled that so many of us decided to play the game and came up with such fantastic interpretations, titles and curated treasuries.
    I went back and forth and kept coming back to Jo's 'childhood memories' treasury thinking how she had done it with all handmade and no vintage items. I thought that was a really different angle and so the choice was finally made. Congratulations Jo!! RussellJewelryDesigns.

    Thanks for blogging too Tange.

  3. Woohoo! I am SO going to take part in this week's theme.
    Too many great (80s) songs to choose from :D

    Congratulations Jo!

  4. Teehee, I've posted my treasury link in the forum, but I'm posting it here as well!