Monday, 11 October 2010

The Most Affordable Item in the Shop

Every shop has a price range that appeals to a wider audience. This is the opportunity to showcase your most affordable item. Send a convo to anakit with the link to your least expensive item and it will be featured in this blog. For ten days I will be adding new entries below:

Crochet Bracelet by Uniquenique for $12 (9 EUR)

Flying Heart Earrings by RussellJewelryDesign for $8 (6 EUR)

Gold Hammered Hoop and Briolette Pendant by anakit for $7.50 (5.50 EUR)

Feather Earrings by DearOhDeer for $11 (8 EUR)

Scarf necklace by AlaCreations for $15 (11 EUR)

Painted vintage plate at Vintagemaison for $7 (5 EUR)

Flirty retro skirt by JustOneLook for $29 (21 EUR)
Silk embellishments by sewsouk for $3 (2 EUR)

Crystal earrings by AlegriaDesigns for $19 (14 EUR)

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