Saturday, 31 May 2014

Member of the Month for May 2014

Our member of the month for May is Jackie of StitchMikki.
Congratulations Jackie!

Jackie is a very talented textile artist.  As you can see from her profile page on Etsy, her work is wonderful; interesting and varied.
Here is a short bio in her own words:


We are an English family living in beautiful British Columbia. Before emigrating from the UK we also lived on The Isle of Man for 5 years, a rather extraordinary place.

I have always been creative ... I was knitting and sewing even when I was at primary school and have worked my way through a stream of hobbies ... cross stitch, oil painting, tatting, knitting etc. While we lived on the Isle of Man I had the opportunity to take a visual arts diploma as a part time student. It gave this mother of 3 small children a much needed creative outlet and really encouraged me to experiment with different media and that is where I really started playing around with textiles.

When we first came to Canada I participated in the local craft show circuit (including "Art in the Park" on Canada Day) for a while selling my cards and also handmade beaded purses. I was invited to join a local cooperative and so became a member of The Kamloops Courthouse Gallery for several years.

Last year we took the big step of building our own house. I took temporary leave from the gallery as I knew this would be a time consuming venture. I still wanted to have that 'creative outlet' though and Etsy has filled that gap for the last year and a half.


Emily has been onboard with our shop since January last year ... I would not have been able to get going without her help as I couldn't even decide upon the name on my own ... let alone upload a banner!

Emily is currently an art student and has a particular interest in all things Japanese. She is hoping to eventually go to Japan and has been learning Japanese in preparation. The art she produces most is in the Anime style.... her drawings are very cute.


So ... life as an Expat ... it has it's 'ups and downs'... even in a country which speaks the same language the cultural differences can be enormous. But living here we have had some incredible experiences and that is what I remind myself when I have a bad day - here is my list of the best things to do in Western Canada (from personal experience):-


Go skiing or boarding in deep powder snow with the sun shining;
Camp by a lake with a salmon or AAA steak cooking over the fire and watch the sun set with a glass of wine in hand;
Explore the amazing wilderness and see bears, deer, wolves, moose, coyotes, bald eagles and osprey in the wild- very exciting - if a bit scary! - you can also go whale watching;
Go canoeing on a lake or paddle down river;
Go whitewater rafting if you are a bit more adventurous;
Relax in a hot spring pool - there is one called Ainsworth Hot Springs where you even go into a cave.
Sail on a BC ferry - sit on deck, soak in the scenery and enjoy the wildlife;
Visit Dinosaur Provincial Park and see fossils still in the ground;
Ride the 'Peak to Peak' at Whistler - over a 1000 feet off the ground and quite possibly the most amazing thing I have ever done!;
Attend an outdoor blues festival;
Tour wineries in The Okanagan;
In Vancouver visit the craft shops on Granville Island or hire bikes and cycle round the seawall in Stanley Park where there is also a fantastic aquarium.
Have a cream tea in Victoria.

You may have noticed a bit of a recurring theme with the food and drink there!

I have been trying to get more 'onboard' with the social media of late.
I LOVE instagram and have started using that to show pictures of work in progress. The other social media I do less of. this page lumps all my social media posts in one place.


Thanks Jackie for this insight into your life as an expat and life in British Columbia... sounds like an amazing place!

Check out Jackie and the rest of the expat shops on our new Expat Showcase Link:

Posted by Linda of Just One Look for Etsy Expats


  1. Thankyou so much for this wonderful write up.
    It has been such a treat to have been Member of the Month and this is such a lovely supportive team.
    Etsy Expats rock!

  2. Always wonderful to gain some insight into our talented members - hope you enjoyed your month as member of the month :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! I miss the Vancouver/WA area.

  4. Loved reading this! Jackie's work is beautiful.