Friday, 9 August 2013

August Member of the Month: PeonyForest

Terrier Brooch Kilt Pin
Terrier Brooch

Our member of the month this month is Elena of PeonyForest .

Elena has been an active member of the Etsy Expat Team for quite some time.

Originally from Russia, Elena first came to the US with her family to follow her father's scientific research where she landed in California.

In her own words she then " bounced around the country a bit" and has now settled in Upstate New York due to her husband's research.


Here she shares a story with us and a photo of her lovely companion.

Most of my creative process takes place at home and, really, there is just one companion who witnesses all the ups and downs - 
my dog, Annie. 
She is a Kerry Blue terrier, also known as Irish blue. Isn't she pretty? And soft, very soft. 
The best thing, of course, is that she is happy to see me no matter what mood I am in. The tail is an indicator of her mood: wagging is happy, up means that she is on look out for squirrels (or really anything that might be passing by our yard, like bikes, walking people, deer), and down means one of two things, either she is eating something very tasty or she is disappointed. 
We do get along though. She is a constant source of enthusiasm.


Elena has a few different handmade items in her Etsy shop.. the most recent being her clear votive sleeves
Peacock clear votive sleeve

Here is just a sample of some more of her lovely items:

These magnetic lamp inserts are intriguing.  What a fabulous idea and customizable too!  
Elena has a good selection of these in her shop.  

Under the Sea Magnetic Lamp Decor
Under The Sea Magnetic Lamp
Indoor/outdoor buntingIndoor or outdoor bunting
Plush Secret Heart Door Decor
Secret Heart

and if you want to do-it-yourself .... follow these instructions .........
Felt Lop eared Bunny rabbit pattern PDFLop Eared Bunny PDF pattern

This is a hand cut and painted sleeve ... pretty home decor

Fern fronds clear votive sleeve

Clear acrylic votive with green fern fronds or your choice of Autumnal reds and yellows.

Pop into Peony Forest and browse to see what you can find to add a little fun and colour to your home.

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  1. Congratulations on being chosen this month!

    Nice to hear a bit about you.
    Annie does look really soft!