Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Monthly Team Challenge: "April Showers May Bring..... "

original cat etching and watercolor - singing in the rain
original cat etching... singing in the rain

Our team challenge was the first Monday in May..... May 6th.
Hope you managed to come by and vote !

We had so many entries this month that we had to have a second treasury.  Not enough to fill two but it was fun finding items that fit the bill and what a great showing we had!

Treasury Part One can be seen here and Part Two you can view here.

So many choices and finally the votes were tallied and we had a tie!
Tailorbirds' umbrella and raindrops cushion was a huge success as was atelier28's etching.

Rhiannon's lovely pillow was so appropriate.
Umbrella and raindrops cushion cover, yellow and blue, free motion applique, linen and cotton. 40cm / 16"
Congratulations both of you Rhiannon and Andrea!...

April showers brought out quite a variety.... including these two items too.

Karen's bridal wrap was popular as were Katrin's pretty painted sandals.  Another fun, diverse challenge.

Hope you all manage to come by next month for our May challenge.... "Going In Circles" ..... we are already off to a good start with several entries and it's only week one!!

See you then.......

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  1. I took me over an hour to make up my mind......lots of great items

  2. Lots of lovely items and all so different... I had a hard time choosing too!

  3. Wonderful! Thank you so much everyone for voting for my umbrella cushion. I myself voted for Andrea's cat print - so cute! Looking forward to seeing all the 'circles' next month :) Rhiannon

  4. I had a hard time choosing but these are great and I am not surprised we ended with a tie - well done Rhianna and Andrea :D