Friday, 3 June 2011

Meet the Etsy Expats: Solohandmade

Kerry runs her lovely shop solohandmade on Etsy. Her designs are gorgeous and she manages to balance function with exquisite workmanship. I love her coasters and she also makes pillow covers, jewellery and bunting.

Kerry was kind of enough to give me some of her time to introduce herself to the rest of the Etsy expats.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, USA in a coastal area about 12 miles north of Boston. After finishing art school, I moved to Philadelphia with a friend. I got a job working with a non-profit organization which provided support services for children at risk. After work I would head straight to my studio and get busy with my art. I worked in glass and metal (enamelling) for about 10 years, exhibited in numerous galleries, sold in a few local artisan shops, and was part of a wonderful artist co-op gallery.

I've been living in Utrecht, the Netherlands for 9 years now. I am married to Hans, we have a 3.5 year old son named Minh Sao and are currently waiting to complete the adoption of our second baby, a boy. I was unable to take my gigantic enamelling kiln so got a bit more serious with what I had minored in school: bookbinding. I did that for about 5 years and then in 2007 switched gears again and started sewing and have been steady with it since.

I have been a huge Frida Kahlo fan since the age of 15. I have many artists who I admire & am always keeping up with news/shows in the art world, but she's really the be all end all for me ;)

Why did you move?
I took off to travel through the EU for a few months and met a Dutchman in Prague. One year later, I was living in the Netherlands!

Biggest challenge being an expat?
Dutch grammar, missing my family and friends.
Redefining the work I do.

Biggest joy being an expat?
Travelling is a lot easier! Seeing the world from a different perspective and meeting people from all over. While it can be terribly hard at times, having 2 countries to call home is a blessing and something I am thrilled we have to give our children.

Find Kerry online:
Thanks for allowing us to peek into your life Kerry.

Are you a soon-to-be, been-there-done-that or currently an expat? If you sell on Etsy come and join our team.

Post by: Jacqueline Fouche (Tangentine)

Photo credits: All photos by Kerry from solohandmade

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