Tuesday, 31 August 2010


To become a member of the ETSY EXPATS team:

1 - contact JustOneLook through the conversation link in her Etsy shop or click on Contact the Captain on the left hand side on the home page of the team.
2 - explain your reasons for wanting to become a member of the Etsy Expats and what kind of shop you run
3 - after you have contacted the Captain find the team’s weekly thread in the Esty forums and introduce yourself; tell us about your expat status (where you’re from, where you live now, where have you lived, if you are a future expat or just thinking about it); tell us about your shop as well.  We are a very supportive team.
4 - join at least one of our social websites (PinterestFB, Twitter), so you can receive updates by email - don’t worry, we won’t flood your mailbox!
5 - after you have been welcomed in our midst, you will be added to the team’s official Etsy list, which will be  updated by Etsy; the list on the blog will be updated periodically and you can write a few sentences about yourself to feature next to your entry should you wish.
6 - you are encouraged to participate in our weekly Etsy forum thread and on Flickr; you are also welcome to contribute to this blog (write something in Word, add the links in brackets if you include any, attach a couple of photos if need be, then send to etsyexpats@gmail.com and we will publish it for you and sign your name with a link to your shop
7 - make treasuries and post them on the FB page and in the weekly thread so others can click and comment; don't forget to tag them with "etsyexpatteam"
8 - tag a few of your items with "etsyexpatteam", so that team members can find you quickly
9 - if you have a blog, send us the link at etsyexpats@gmail.com and/or post it in the blog thread and we will link this blog to yours - hopefully you will do the same
10 - be jolly!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Hello world!

This is the fledgling blog for the new Etsy Expats team. The team is made up of expat artists and vendors who sell their work on Etsy. Based around the world, we'll use this blog to talk about us, our work, the trials and tribulations of expat life, and the entertaining and exciting things we've discovered in our new lives in our adopted countries. Those of us planning a move can get help and advice, and those of us returning to our native countries can find a sympathetic ear for all those "When I was in..." stories that, unaccountably, no one 'back home' seems deeply interested in.

If you're interested in contributing to this blog, please don't hesitate to email us at etsyexpats [at] gmail [dot] com and we can talk about your article!